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Sunday July 19 - Baltimore, MD - 12:30pm
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Our set starts the show on Sunday at 12:30pm!

New live videos of Philly Comic Con After-party / album release show!

Remember when we played our album release show at the Philly Comic Con after-party, with guest stars DJ Cutman and Triforce Quartet?  Well, we just released the whole show on video! Here's the collaboration with DJ Cutman - a remix of Tal Tal Heights from Link's Awakening.  Head over to the Live page to watch the rest!

New album, Travels!


by Chronicles of Sound

These 6 instrumental tracks, short stories, and illustrations follow Solan and Logi as they travel from the Dayside to the Nightside. They carry Gaine, the ancient artifact of The Sound, with the hope that FM, a scientist in Soo, may be capable of unlocking it's full potential - giving them the power to re-spin the planet.
  1. 1 Buy [Info] Farewell, Ardhana 00:34
  2. 2 Buy [Info] The Sound (In Flight) 02:32
  3. 3 Buy [Info] Dead River Down 01:22
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Crossing the Divine Sea 02:55
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Shadow of the Verge 04:23
  6. 6 Buy [Info] FM's Lab 04:48

Our new album Travels is out now!  This 6-track instrumental EP bridges the gap between Revolutions Part I: Dayside and our upcoming album, Revolutions Part II: Nightside.  

Six accompanying short stories and illustrations follow Solan and Logi's long journey across Amaris to meet FM - a Soo scientist who may help them unlock the full power of The Sound.

The entire EP along with stories and high-res images are available for free on Bandcamp.